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Delete iPhone Junk Files

By Selena KomezUpdated on January 10, 2017

Summary:This article teach you a easy way to clean out your iPhone’s memory,delete junk and temporary files on iPhone or iPad and speed up your devices.

“Help! My iPhone 5 is running very slow,I notice that there are much useless files,junk files or app caches stored on my iPhone 5,and it makes my phone crashes more frequently than before. I have already deleted unwanted apps, photos and videos to free up some space but still the same problem exists. I want to speed up my iPhone by removing those junk files and app caches,is there any third-party iPhone speed up tool to erase the junk files permanently and speed up my iPhone 5?”–Ask bu Sueson

Browsing the internet, installing different applications, playing online games, downloading pictures, visiting streaming websites and all others will take up a lot of memory space, but also does not make sense to generate some data, such as cache, cookies, error logs, game files, temp files, etc.iPhone used for some time to accumulate more and more junk files, thus affecting the performance of the iPhone and the available memory, cause the iPhone to run slowly.
Delete Junk Files from iPhone
However, these are also the very reasons that piles up your memory with unwanted stuff. Bear in mind that iPhone stores every piece of things when you open a site, launch an app or do something else, generating files that take up memory. Things like cache, cookies, error logs, game files, temp files, etc. accumulate over time thus affecting the phone’s performance and available memory.

If you want to free up some valuable space on your phone and speed up your iPhoe, improve its performance and delete unwanted stuffs out from your device.

Here recommend a professional iPhone Junk File Eraser TooliOS Data Eraser,which can help you remove Junk Files on iPhone, iPad permanently,and free up a lot of space for your iPhone with one tap only,and remove all types of junk files, including caches, invalid files, cookies, corrupt files and so on.What’s more,this iPhone iPad Data Eraser tool removes not just junk files but also other stuffs such as photos, memos, SMS, reminders, notes, apps, saved IDs, account setting and many more.

d_win d_mac

Easy Way to Clean Up Large Junk Files from iPhone/iPad

Step 1:Launch iOS Data Eraser and connect your iPhone device to Computer

Launch the iOS Data Eraser after installation, and connect your device to computer via an Apple USB cable, once your device is detected, you can see a window as the picture below, there are five options on the menu bar on the left.

iphone data eraser main

Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer via USB cable
Please make sure iPhone USB driver and iTunes were installed correctly, as the iOS Data Eraser program based on iTunes software drive.

Step 2:Select “1-Click Cleanup” option from main interface

Click on the second option “1-Click Cleanup” in the left column. A “1-Click Cleanup” window will open on the right panel. On this panel you will be notified that how many days you have not clean up your device and the storage space available on your device. Now, you can click the “Start Scan” button which in the lower right corner to begin scanning the junk files from your device.

Clean Junk Files from iPhone

Step 3:Begin to Scan all Junk Files from iPhone Device

At this step, the iOS Data Eraser will deeply scan all juck files from your iPhone, iPad device,it will take you some time based on the size of the juck files. Please wait a minute.

clean iphone junk data

Tips:Please keep your connecting your iPhone to computer during the whole process. You can clicking the ‘Stop‘ button to pause the scanning process.

Step 3:Start to Wipe All Junk Files from iPhone or iPad Device

Once the scan is finish, the program will show your the total amount of junk files. Tick off the junk files those you want to clean up one by one. You can click the “blue file size buttons” behind the junk files and the expand icons to view more file details.

safe clean up iphone junk files

If done, click on “Erase now” to remove the selected junk files off your iPhone, iPad device.

sefewiper cleanup junk files

The whole cleaning process will not spend too much of your time, just wait a moment, when the cleanup is complete, the cleanup results will be displayed, you can click “Done” to return to the main window or “Rescan” to scan your device again after viewing the result.

Erase ‘Alreadly Deleted’ Files from Your iPhone,iPad to Free Up More Space

The iOS Data Eraser provides users 4 erasing option to erase data from iDevices : “iOS OPTIMIZER”,”SPACE SAVER”, “ERASE PRIVATE Data”, “ERASE DELETED FILES” and “ERASE ALL DATA”. Since sample deletion is not enough, instead, the iOS system will mark the space they occupy as free and waits new data to overwrite them,however,those deleted data can be restored by some data recovery software in market.However,you need to use the feature “Erase Deleted Files” to wipe all already deleted files from iPhone, iPad permanently,like photos, contacts, messages, videos,App data,ect.Let’s teach you how to erase all already deleted files from iOS devices permanently.

Note:Since the erased data can’t be recovered after wipe by this professional iOS Data Eraser tool,if you do not want to erase those useful data,you need to backup iPhone data to computer before the erasing process.

Step 1:Connect iPhone to a PC and Select “ERASE DELETED FILES” Option

erase deleted files from iPhone

Step 2:Start Analyzing and Scanning the Already Deleted Files from Your iPhone,iPad.

Step 3:Privew,Select the deleted files You Want to Erase and “Erase” them on iPhone,iPad

erase deleted sms from iPhone

Tips: This iPhone iPad Data Eraser provides the easy way to delete junk files from iPhone as well as left over junks and app caches.In additional,if you want to sell the old iPhone and buy a new iPhone 6,you can use this data eraser for iPhone to erase everything on iPhone permanently,even no data recovery in market can get them back.Since the deleted data can not be recovered again, you should make a backup of your iPhone data to computer with this Phone Transfer tool, for the sake of restoring any of them in the future.

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