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Deleted Data on iPhone

By Selena KomezUpdated on March 09, 2017

Before selling your old iPhone,please rememeber wipe all data on iPhone permanently without restore.
Deleting data from iPhone and other iOS devices become necessary when you want to sell it and protect your personal data from others. On iPhone we store lots of personal data like images, contacts iMessages etc so that before selling our old iPhone it is required to delete all the data permanently from old iPhone.But it is also necessary to create a backup file of the entire iPhone data before deleting it, because once you delete it permanently then you cannot access it without backup or without using iPhone data recovery tool. So to avoid botheration it is important to take a fresh backup of your iPhone. This will protect your data form inaccessibility.

Erase all Data on iPhone Permanently When You:

-Wish for to sell your old phone to any unknown person
-Recycle it to cell phone manufactures
-Want to deal it in for a new phone
-Want to donate your old phone
-To defend your privacy and precious data of your iPhone, iPad before selling your old ios devices, it is necessary to delete the entire data. You can erase iPhone data by many other options like “restore factory setting”, “Reset/Restore iPhone” or “upgrade to a new ios system” but it is not enough, because one can easily restore those data by using data recovery software available in the market.

So it is necessary to delete data on your iPhone permanently by the help of given iPhone data eraser tool,I am recommend you use this iPhone Data Eraser software,which can help you wipe all data on iPhone permanently without restore before selling it,the ios data eraser software can make you able to erase deleted files on iPhone permanently, so that one cannot recover it by using any recovery trick and third party iOS data recovery tool.

This iPhone iPad Data Eraser allows you to Eraser All Data/Already Deleted Files from iPhone, iPad and iPod, and it delete all types of contents permanently including:
Messages, Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, Videos, Safari Favorites, Apps, System Settings, Keyboard Cache, Passbook, iTunes DB, iMessage, Call History, Safari History, Voicemail, Apple ID, iCloud ID, Game Center, Apple Maps, Weather, Stocks, Newsstand Facetime.

d_win d_mac

Note: Deleted Data, Safari Cache, Safari History, Safari Cookies ,Keyboard Cache, Messages, Messages Attachments, Call History and Notes, Photos are all deletable. Since the erased data can’t be recovered once wipe by this iPhone iPad Data Eraser, you need to backup data and restore to iPhone after erasing the device when you need,like contacts,text messages, photos, videos, notes,ect.If you have bought an new iPhone 7/6S/6/SE,you can also restore backed up data to new iPhone from computer easily.

Tutorial 1: How to Delete Private Data on iPhone,iPad Permanently

This erase mode can help you delete all private data (photos, messages, contacts,Apple ID,ect) from your iPhone,iPad permanently,then protecte your privacy data been stolen after selling the devices.

Step 1. Run the iOS Data Eraser and Connect iPhone to the Computer

Install iPhone Data Eraser first and open it. Connect through a USB cable and the software will automatically start to detect iDevice. Remember to click “Trust” on the screen of you iPhone.

erase private data from iPhone

Step 2. Select the Erase Mode “Erase Private Data

In the middle of the interface, you will see the button “Start Scan”. Click it and wait until the end of the analysis. When it is finished, the items are to be listed for you to choose. Tick the one that is to be gone forever.

delete private data from iPhone

Step 3.Begin Analyzing and Scanning all Private Data Stored on Your iPhone

In this step, the program will automatically analyze and scan all your private files in your iPhone device,like contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photo streams and other private files; generally it takes few minutes to complete the process depending on the file. After scanning – select the deleted data to view detailed information on the file.

delete private photos on iPhone

Note: The data can all be previewed when you highlight one of them.

Step 4. Start Erasing Private Data on iPhone Permanently

After you’ve selected private files want to erase, then click the “Erase Now” button,the window will show you this process bar to confirm,please type “delete” to confirm the erasing process.

erase private data action confirm

This should cost you more than 20 minutes. When it is ended, press “Done”.

erase iPhone private files permanently

Free download the iOS Data Eraser:

d_win d_mac

Tutorial 2: How to Wipe Deleted Files on iPhone,iPad Permanently

The already-deleted contents are still be in the iDevice. To guarantee that they can not be retrieved, you can use this mode.

Step 1. Choose the “Erase Deleted File” Option to Get Rid of Deleted Files on iPhone

Plug iPhone into the PC first. Select “Erase Deleted Files”. Then, press “Start Scan” to proceed to the next step.

erase delete files from iphone

Step 2. Start Analyzing and Scanning Deleted Data Stored on Your iPhone
The program will automatically begin to analyze and scan the already deleted data on your iPhone device,including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, notes, call logs and other files that you have deleted them before.

erase deleted files from iPhone without restored

Step 3. View and Select the Files You Want to Wipe from iPhone Device
When the scanning process finish, all deleted files stored in your iPhone will be scanned out and show for you, by default, all files will be selected. Please select what file type you want to erase permanently,and unselect the files you don’t want to delete and keep them.

iphone data eraser to wipe deleted files

Preview the already deleted text messages before erasing them

erase deleted SMS from iphone

Step 4. Start Erasing Already Deleted Files on iPhone Permanently

There are a few minutes before the scanning process ends. Then, you can see the following interface. Tick the one you want and confirm by tapping “Erase Now”.

wipe deleted files on iPhone permanently

Press “Done” at the end.

Download the iOS Data Erase and try to erase already deleted data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod permanently

d_win d_mac

Tutorial 3: How to Erase All Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Permanently

You should be careful when using this mode, because the whole phone will be erased, unlike the first two cases, and there is no coming back.However,you must to backup iPhone data to computer before the eraseing process begin.

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Eraser and Connect YOur iPhone to Computer

Click to open the software and then connect iPhone to PC. When the phone is detected, choose “Erase All Data” and you will come to the second step.

Erase All Data on iPhone

Step 2. Make Sure that You Really Want to Delete All the Files

What the title means is that you have to key in the word “delete” to confirm your order. The security level “Medium” is good enough for us. Press “Erase Now” and wait.

erase all data from iPhone

Note: A free version only allows you to clean the cache of the music apps and the video apps.

Have a try! You will find iPhone iPad Data Eraser worth every penny of it.

d_win d_mac

What’s More about iPhone iPad Data Eraser:

As we all know,the simple deletion can’t delete files on iPhone,iPad device permanently, many people still don’t know that the deleted data still can be recovered by iOS Data Recovery in market. If you want to sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod device, you must to use a professional iPhone iPad Data Eraser to wipe everyting from iPhone,iPad,iPod completely and permanently,let’s learn the 6 features in iOS Data Eraser,select the features you need:

*Wipe Deleted Files: Permanently erase the “Already Deleted” files on your iPhone,iPad and iPod device without restore.
*Erase Private Data: Delete all private data stored on your iPhone,iPad permanently,if you want to selling the old devices
*Erase All Data: Permanently erase all already deleted data and existing files on your iOS device without restored.
*1-Click Cleanup: 1 click to clan up large junk files and release massive space on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
*Photo Compressor: Directly Compress you photos on your iPhone,iPad devices to reclaim more space,or backup iPhone photos to computer to release more memory spcace.
*iOS Optimizer: Optimize Slow iPhone For Best Performance


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