How to Fix Bricked, Disabled or Frozen Samsung to Normal

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Fix Abnormal Samsung to Normal without Data Loss

By Selena KomezUpdated on September 29, 2017

My Samsung phone is bricked, it suddenly get bricked when I was playing the game just now, what’s wrong with it? How to fix the bricked Samsung to normal?

My Samsung phone is frozen it might be due to I installed some harmful third-party apps on it, how to return my phone to the normal state without data loss?

What will Cause Samsung get Bricked/Disabled/Frozen
There are various kinds of reasons will lead to your Samsung phone gets bricked. Here we collect that get bricked on Samsung in the following situations:

1. Flashing Stock/Custom ROM. It could be that you have installed a incompatible ROM on the Samsung phone, the phone powers off in the process or other misoperations that cause Samsung phone restart endlessly, get stuck at startup screen.

2. Rooting your Samsung phone. You fail to root the device properly.

3. Updating Android firmware. The phone will get bricked/disabled/frozen if it is interrupted when updating the Android firmware on it.

4.Installing malicious software on your Samsung phone and then getting virus attacked on it.

Samsung Phone Get Bricked/Disabled/Frozen

For most of Samsung users, they may ever meet the trouble situation that like Samsung get bricked, Samsung is disabled, Samsung is frozen. The worse is that you find that your phone won’t boot as usual. However, not all Samsung users has a clear understanding of what a bricked/disabled/frozen phone really means, and more importantly what to do to fix this abnormal phone. You must be confuse that what’s happen on the phone and be worry about that if the Samsung data will get lost in this abnormal state. This guide is going to give you a full introduction of fix bricked, disabled or frozen Samsung to normal without data loss.

Fix Abnormal Samsung to Normal – Broken Android Data Recovery

Broken Android Data Recovery which could help you fix bricked/disabled/frozen Samsung to normal without data loss. What’s more, this program also supports to fix other abnormal states of Android, including crashed, stuck in the startup screen, stuck in the Download Mode, stuck at black screen, get virus attack, screen-locked and others; and extract data from the device to the computer at the same time. Support almost all Samsung phones like Samsung Galaxy S(S4, S5, S6, Samsung Galaxy Note(Note 3, Note 4, Note 5), Samsung Galaxy Tab(Tab Pro 10.1), etc,.

d_win d_mac

How to Fix Bricked/Disabled/Frozen Samsung to Normal

Step 1.Connect the Bricked/Disabled/Frozen Samsung to the Computer
Download and Run the Broken Android Data Recovery Tool program on your computer and then connect your abnormal Samsung phone to computer with USB cable, the program now will detect your phone soon. Click on “Broken Android Data Extraction” mode when the following screen appears.Then click “Start” button on the right under the Android logo.

broken android data recovery main page

Step 2.Select the Bricked/Disabled/Frozen Type of your Samsung 
Now you should select the bricked/disabled/frozen situation that match your Samsung device.The program will enter the following interface. Please choose a kind of situation depends on your phone. Then click “Next“.

choose the bricked type

Step 3.Select the Phone Name and Model of your Samsung
You should select the proper Android system as well as the exact model of your Samsung.Then click “Confirm“.

select the model of bricked samsung

Step 4.Get Samsung into the Download Mode
In this step the program will ask you to get the abnormal Samsung into the Download Mode manually. Power off your Samsung phone completely. Then press and hold “Volume Down + Home + Power” button on your phone together. After that, your phone will enter “Download Mode” successfully.

get samsung into download mode

Step 5.Analyze the Bricked/Disabled/Frozen Samsung and Download Recovery Package for Fixing
Your Samsung will be detected in this step and it is necessary to keep connecting the device with computer so that the program will analyze and display the device model and Android version on the interface of program.

analyze bricked samsung

Once the recovery package downloading is completed,the program will begin to fix your bricked/disabled/frozen Samsung to normal state without data loss. After a few seconds, your device will restart as usual. Now, you can check your Samsung and make sure whether it can work or not.

Step 6.Recover/Extract Data from Normal Samsung 
Then the program will help you scan and extract/recover files from Samsung phone,click “Recover” button to extract from Samsung and save all the selected data on the computer.

recover data from Samsung

d_win d_mac

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