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Fix iPhone Stuck on Black Screen

By Selena KomezUpdated on March 22, 2018

Summary: This article mainly teach you a two methods to fix Jailbroken iPhone 4/4S/5/5S, iPhone 6/6S/7, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPod Touch stuck on black screen of death,you can also follow the same steps to fix the stuck Gray Apple Logo and Blue or Black screen iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch easily.

For millions of happy users all over the world, the iPhone is fantastic just as it is. It’s beautiful, elegant and easy to use, and there are thousands upon thousands of apps and oodles of content for them to choose on the App Store.However,more and more iPhone users likely to jailbreak their loved iPhone in order to play more games and use more applications on iPhone.

How to Fix a Jailbroken iPhone Stuck on Black Screen

There are several reasons lead your iPhone stuck on black screen after jailbreaking;it could be that your iPhone battery has died halfway through the jailbreak.Your iPhone could be stuck on black screen after jailbreaking, Cydia or otherwise that is incompatible. Let’s have a look at some ways to try to fix a black screen iPhone after jailbreaking.

Method 1: Enter into DFU Mode to Get iPhone Out of Black Screen

If you’ve had to place your iPhone into DFU mode or recovery mode for some reason you might find that you simply can’t get out of it.Try holding the Power and Home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Let go of the Home button and continue holding the Power button until you get the Apple logo. Your jailbroken iPhone should now reboot as usual.

how to dfu mode iphone

However,the old way could not be work anytime.If you find this method is invalid,please follow the next solution to do and you will be surprise for it.One day last week I discover an iPhone users forum that introduce an terrific iPhone operating system fix software that helps to repair a few difficult issue about jailbrokn iPhone,such jailbroken iPhone stuck on black screen.Maybe it is another type of solution which you can solve it.

Method 2: Fix Jailbroken iPhone Stuck on Black Screen with iPhone System Fix Software

iPhone System Fix & Data Recovery software can help you fix ios to normal,it allows you fix iPhone stuck on black screen,get jailbroken iPhone out of recovery mode,fix jailbroken iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen,etc,.but also allows you to recover lost files from jailbreakon iPhone lost due to accidental or intentional deletion, device damage or upgrading, and more.What’s more,this powerful iOS Fix & Recovery tool allows you recover lost data from iPhone.

d_win d_mac

Easy Steps to Fix iPhone 4/5/6S/6 with Black Screen of Death

Step 1.Please Download and Run iPhone Operating System Fix Software on Computer firstly

connect iPhone to PC

Step 2.Choose the Bottommost “Fix iOS to Normal” option to Tap
Choose the fixing mode and then connect jailbroken iPhone to your computer with an USB.After that the amazing software will detect your iPhone and you need to click “Start”to enter the next step.

fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode

Step 3.Download and Select the Firmware which is Applicable to Your Jailbroken iPhone
You need to download the firmware to fix your jailbroken iPhone stuck on black screen. The iPhone Operating System Fix Software will recognize your iPhone, it provides the latest iOS version for you to download.Click “download” and then wait a few seconds.The software will automatically done for you.

select your iPhone model

Download Firmware Package for iPhone

download the firmware on iPhone

Step 4.Repair Jailbroken iPhone Operating System and It will Work as Usual
When the download is finish,the program will continue began to repair your jailbroken iPhone.After a few minutes,it will tell you that your iPhone is restore to the normal mode.It only consume you less than 10 minutes to fix your iPhone operating system during the whole process.

fix ios to normal

Your jailbroken iPhone stuck on black screen or death?Don’t panic!This article gives you the best solutions to fix your iPhone operating system and allows it to return an normal mode.The iPhone Operating System Fix Software is applicable to every models of iPhone,including iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6S/6S Plus,iPhone 6/6 Plus,iPhone 5S/5,iPhone 4S/4.

Free download the iOS System Recovery & Data Recovery:

d_win d_mac

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