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Free Up Space on Android

By Selena KomezUpdated on June 20, 2019

[Summary]: Want to speed up your Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Mate/P, Google Pixel, Sony, HTC, Motorola and more Android smart phones? This article teach you three methods to speed up your Android phone.

“Recently,I always received a prompt “insufficient storage available” on my android phone when I am try to open the app on it.It remind me free up my storage on phone.Anybody provide the simple and convenient way for me to fix it?”-Lina

Want to take more photos and videos by phone?Want to download apps on phone?Due to the limit storage on Android phone and it doesn’t allow to?You will find it’s really an annoy thing that the less internal storage space on Android phone you have.You might get mad at the slow speed while using your Android.

free up space Android

When we use our Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S6,we will install some apps, some movies, and other program on phone.And thus the internal storage of our Android phone is less and less and finally it will get slower and slower.What’s indeed a trouble for Android users.Let’s see how to get more internal storage on Android.

Method 1:Uninstall Apps on Android

Release more internal space on Android is to uninstall the apps that you seldom use.It can not only save your Android internal space but also save battery power of Android phone.


Method 2:Move Apps to Android SD Card

If you haven’t root your Android yet,you can root your Android first and get the file manager app on your phone to move the apps to the SD card or delete them if you don’t need to use.


Method 3:Erase Data on Android with Android Data Eraser

If you think all the above methods still cannot satisfy your need and want to release more storage on your Android phone,you can turn to Android Data Eraser.Android Data Eraser help to free up storage on Android phone by easing all data completely and permanently,such as contacts,SMS,photos,call logs,notes,document and more.Supported Android devices:Samsung,HTC,LG,Lenovo,Motorola,Huawei,Xiaomi,etc.Read on and check how it works.

d_win d_mac
d_win d_mac

ATTENTION: The program will DELETE ALL DATA stored on your device and give a brand new phone to you. Suggest you to back up phone data before using it.

Step 1.Run Android Data Eraser and Connect Android
Run the program after installation and connect your Android device to computer.Don’t forget to enable USB debugging so that the program can soon detect Android phone.


Step 2.Select the Data Erasing Option
When your phone is well connected,you will see the interface as below.Click the “Erase All Data” option in the homepage,then type “delete” in the box to confirm it and tap “Erase Now” at the lower-right corner,then,the program will start deleting all data stored on your phone and releasing phone storage.


Step 3.Perform a Factory Reset on Android
The program is now freeing up space on your phone.When the process completed,you should perform a factory reset on Android to erase all system data and settings on your Android phone.


d_win d_mac
d_win d_mac

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