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Unlock the Screen Lock on Samsung

By Selena KomezUpdated on May 11, 2018

How to Unlock the Screen Lock on My Samsung Phone?
Help!What do I do if I forget the screen lock password on my Samsung Galaxy S6?How to unlock my phone’s locked screen remotely on the Find My Mobile web page?

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Unlock the Screen Lock on Samsung Galaxy

Most of the times that we key in new security details on our phones in order to prevent our personal data on device and avoid leak to anyone.A good number of us tend to forget the passwords, and in most cases, the patterns. With the patterns forgotten and passwords lost, we’re usually locked out, and can’t access our device without password.In this article, we are going to take a look at the solution with detail procedures to unlock Samsung without password.I hope that the three methods is useful for you that perfectly suits your needs.

Method 1: Remove Samsung Locked Screen without Password(No Data Loss)

Android Lock Screen Removal is your ideal choice to unlock Samsung without password in minutes,no more series steps,no more security problems.This helpful program is used to solve Android locked screen problems effectively.Now the latest version currently supports Samsung devices only.It can help Samsung users disable the password and pattern lock issues on Samsung device without data loss,afer remove the phone’s locked screen,you can access your contacts, SMS, pictures, emails or other important data.The program applicable Samsung device including Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3,Note 5/4/3,etc.

d_win d_mac

Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Pattern, Password, Pin and Fingerprint Without Data Loss

Step 1. Run Android Toolkit on Computer
Download and install Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery program on your computer.Then run the program,and then click “Android Lock Screen Removal” option.

remove samsung locked screen

Step 2. Begin the Removal Process
Click the Start button to start the removal process.

select mode

Step 3. Connect Samsung to the Computer
Once you see the prompts below, connect your Samsung to computer via USB cable. Note that the USB debugging mode on your device should be turned on before.

Step 4. Download Recovery Package for Samsung
Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery is downloading recovery package for device and match the phone model after checking the agreements. Then it will begin to restore your device. Please wait until this restoring process is complete.

downloading recovery package for samsung

Step 5. Remove Password on Samsung Completed
Now Android Lock Screen Removal & Data Recovery has unlocked your Samsung without password.You can go to your phone and confirm if your device still has a password for the screen lock or not.

remove samsung locked screen

The whole removal task is so easy,isn’t it? In addition,the Android Lock Screen Removal also enables to restore deleted data from Android device after losing data under any circumstances,it allow to restore data from Android SD card/Android memory card as well.

d_win d_mac

Method 2: How to Unlock the Screen Lock on Samsung Phone Remotely

If you forgot your screen lock password,you can also unlock Samsung Galaxy phone locked screen remotely on the Find My Mobile web page.Let’s teach you how to unlock your Samsung phone’s locked screen remotely on your computer.

Step 1.Go to Find My Mobile web page: and log in with your Samsung account details.

find my mobile page - unlock screen

Step 2.After logging in to your Samsung account successfully, find the “Unlock my screen” option on the main page and click it.

Unlock my screen

Step 3.Step 3.Click “Unlock” button start to unlock your phone screen.

unlock samsung screen

Step 4.Select OK when you receive a Notification on your computer saying your screen is unlocked, you can unlock your Samsung phone screen remotely on computer.

unlock Samsung phone screen remotely

Method 3: Unlock Samsung Screen Locked by Hard Reset(Data Loss)

To bypass Samsung lock screen pattern, Pin, password and fingerprint by yourself at Home,the free way is Factory / Hard Reset your phone.But after performing factory / hard reset the phone,it will will erase all data and personal information from the phone,your phone will back it to its original factory state.Please carefully consider whether to perform hard reset and bypass the security.

Step 1.Turn off your Samsung phone at first.
Step 2.Press and hold Volume UP,Home and Power keys at the same time.

hard reset s7

Step 3.When you see the Samsung logo appear,please release the Power key but continue to hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
Step 4.When you see the Android System Recovery screen appears,please release all keys.
Step 5.Use the Volume Up/Down keys for navigation and the Power On key for OK.
Step 6.Choose “wipe cache partition

hard reset galaxy s7

Choose “Yes — delete all user data” option

samsung hard reset

Finally,choose “reboot system now” to reboot the Android system and hard reset your phone now.

hard reset samsung s7

Note:During the hard reset process,all of your data will be erased,so we recommend you use the Android Lock Screen Removal to unlock your phone,it will not erase your data.What’s more,this Android Tool Kit also can help you recover lost/deleted data from Android; extract files from Android with broken screen, locked screen and black/blank screen; backup and restore Android data; Unlock Android phone SIM Card in minutes.

Download the Android Toolkit – Android Lock Screen Removal and solve your phone problem at Home now:

d_win d_mac

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Unlock the Screen Lock on Samsung


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